The film needs more mice in scene. We'll add them in post.

Two of my finest films.

Let’s start out with the film that gave this blog its name and its header image. Produced with the help of American Dream Machine and featuring professional model Madison Mercedes, here is “Fishbowl.” This film was my first lots-of-things. It was my first time shooting full frontal nudity, which was a milestone I felt I needed to reach as an artist. It also features my first complete film score, which I played myself (taking much patience and several tries, since I have no training) on my keyboard, and which features the classic sounds of the Mellotron.

This film contains null nontal frudity. Darental piscretion is ill-advised.

————[ ?posts_id=3124671&dest=-1]Direct Link

This is the 720 version, because the larger version seems to be a resource hog. But if you’d like to try viewing it in 1080, be my guest.


Now here is my pride and joy, still, David Ives’ play Sure Thing in the style of Tim & Eric’s Tom Goes to the Mayor. I tried getting the rights to everything a while back so I could take this project further, but it turns out David Ives has never given anybody permission to adapt his plays for film.

————[ ?posts_id=2141341&dest=-1]Direct Link


Want some of my older work, like the “Rock & Roll All Nite” music video, or the food coloring overlays for “Fishbowl”? Ok, ok, I give. My YouTube account.

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