The film needs more mice in scene. We'll add them in post.

After Life: My Netflix Review

It has compelling ideas on its mind, but it subscribes to the cinematic school of Silence and Tedium. Fortunately, the tediousness lets up after the early scenes and things become more interesting, but the silence and slowness combine with the noisiness of the live sound in a way that makes the filmmaking seem amateurish. The film needed a score to help lift the mood. And the fact that the film creates the expectation of seeing people’s memories recreated on film and then does not show those film recreations makes me feel very cheated.

I decided to post my review partly because the film represented certain tendencies that I’m learning to be wary of. The lingering impression the film leaves is one of dead air and noisy live audio. It becomes a distraction. This film needed an editor to distill it to its essence and remove what was extraneous. And it needed a score to make its scenes more stimulating.

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