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My second idea came to me today.

It’s an idea from my own dreams. It’s a dream in which the dreamer is with someone they loved; for me it was my grandmother, and that’s a good example (there have also been a few where it was my father.) And the dream goes along until, suddenly, the dreamer remembers that this person they loved is dead, and people don’t come back from being dead. So when the dreamer asks the loved one how she came back from being dead, the dream fades away. The dream can even feel very real until the question comes out. And sometimes I’ve had the feeling that asking the question would make the dream fall apart, but it held together until I spoke that question. So then comes the variation where the loved one provides an explanation; they weren’t really so dead after all, and so the doctors dug them back up, fixed what was wrong with them, and now they’re back in the world. The ideal variation, to end the sequence, would have the dreamer telling the loved one that he/she knows it’s a dream, because the loved one is dead, but he/she is still happy to see her again. And the dream would hold together.

Also, before my grandma died, her old house, where I had visited her summer after summer, burned down. But in the dreams, Grandma is alive again and the house has been rebuilt just as it was. That could be a good factor.

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