The film needs more mice in scene. We'll add them in post.

TermiteTV: TeleKinetics

I wanted to watch this episode because of the title. It was misleading. I expected quite literally an exploration of psychic abilities. Instead I got a piece about what it means to be an immigrant, a foreigner. But I enjoyed it.

There was a lot to think about stylistically. It was a film for quiet brains. Blocks of text appeared on the screen slowly, asking us to think of the implications of each word. “Do you speak……….. Indian? Do you cook……….. Indian food? Do you……….. date?” The emphasis is on reflection. And so I reflect a lot on why my style is so different from theirs. I think of how taking classes with a news man pushed me away from a slower, more Tarkovskian aesthetic, and how I make things snappier and faster for fear of being pretentious or self-indulgent. It occurs to me that to make a slow and placid film requires a strong sense of poetry. There must be something substantial on which to reflect, and this is the difference between slow and engrossing and slow and boring. And so I feel that I must develop my sense of visual poetry.

It’s a profound experience. Mike Kuetemeyer and his associates have profound ideas on their minds, and they know how to give them shape. And so more and more I would like to understand this muse.

Part of it involves allowing myself to be vulnerable and open, which I often have not done as well. I feel that I took an important step, however, in creating the Grandfather sketch for my own Termite TV piece. I brought a lot of myself into it. It’s based on my own dreams of my grandmother. But I digress.

There’s an almost silly simplicity to the series of questions I listed, yet they unpretentiously break through to the truth. Simple questions asked sincerely, without self-consciousness, and then they are allowed to hang so that we can truly absorb them. There is much in that.

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