The film needs more mice in scene. We'll add them in post.

Blob Shorties

As Blobfest approaches, we are called on to vote for our favorite short film, or Shorty. Ok, fine, I’ll get you up to speed. Blobfest is Phoenixville, PA’s weekend-long celebration of its own homegrown monster movie, The Blob. The short film competition is appropriately named The Shorties after director Irvin Shorty Yeaworth, Jr. Now that that’s settled, the contestants this year don’t have the kind of moxy that they did last year. Last year, we had The Blob in an old folks’ home playing scrabble and trading insults with an old man. We also had an old stop-motion film, made by a kid, given a new soundtrack and submitted to the festival all these years later. Good stuff! But this year, things ain’t so strong. Have a look. The first two films are made by children and are embarrassingly bad. I can’t give these kids any better than 2 stars. The third film is smarter and benefits from being made by older people, but it’s still terribly amateur. 2 1/2 stars at best. Then we have “Thawed.” It’s certainly a lot better. They actually put some effort into making it. It’s unfortunate that the movie doesn’t actually have an ending… ok, that’s just weird. Instead of finishing the story, the movie just sort of stops. I still like it enough to give it 4 stars. Then comes “The Blob 2010”, which I embedded at the top of this article. I’ll come back to it in a minute, because it’s my favorite. Now, the final film, “Once Upon a Blob,” is cute, but cloyingly childish in places, which loses points for it. 3 1/2 stars I give it. Ok. For me, “The Blob 2010” is the top of the heap, and it’s all thanks to a truly whacky dub. A bit of stop motion at the end also wins it some points. But it’s the dub that really makes it for me. Just listen to those screams! You have to see it for yourself to know what I mean. So watch it!

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