The film needs more mice in scene. We'll add them in post.

Frankenhole, on Adult Swim

No, I’m not gonna link to it! Ok, I’ll link to it!

I considered giving this show 2 out of 5 stars, but I changed my mind. I’m only gonna give it 1 1/2. It’s terrible! There were maybe 3 mildly funny moments in this entire episode. For most of it, I just sat there feeling disappointed. What a failure! There was absolutely nothing funny about Surfer Dude Blanket Jackson, or the way he kept saying “bra” all the time. Why are we supposed to think it’s funny that he’s a yuppie? It’s not enough to just turn him into a yuppie and make him say “bra” over and over! “Yeah! We’ll just have him be a stereotype! Stereotypes are automatically funny!” No they’re not! You have to actually give him something funny to say or do! And Michael Jackson is such an easy target for jokes, and they couldn’t even get that right! They had him voiced by a woman, for god’s sake! And while he complained that his son was normal, Jackson was the normal one! You mean to tell me Jackson only did things to make himself seem weird? Way to suсk all the fun out of him!

Oh, but then there were the designs. What kind of weird puppets are these people supposed to resemble? They’re just grotesque, and not in any kind of interesting way! Maybe I can explain. When you have stop motion by Jan Svankmajer or the Brothers Quay, and they know just how deliberately macabre and creepy their puppets are and they actively take advantage of that creepiness, the films end up being Weird and Wonderful. But with a show like this, or the Luis Bunin version of Alice in Wonderland, or certain old cartoons, or 3D figures that fall into the Uncanny Valley, or some dolls and puppets, where things are grotesque and the director or artist doesn’t know it, that’s when things just become off-putting, or even disturbing. When the director does not understand the unsettling qualities his creation has and tries to pass these things off as normal, the result is a nightmare that leaves the viewer feeling disgusted and unsettled. Fortunately this show didn’t cross over to Disturbing, but it made it to unpleasant, and annoying. Add to that its criminal lack of humor, and this show is dead in the water.

(Wanna have nightmares tonight? Luis Bunin’s stop motion puppets in Alice in Wonderland!)


This is Dino Stamatopoulos, who gave us the excellent Moral Orel. The debut for that show was the excellent Christmas special, where the characters were rich and human, the jokes were clever, the tone was perfectly controlled, and everything was fragical! That show was excellent! What happened? Did Dino just have nothing more to say? Well he’d better find something fast! Because this will not fly!

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