The film needs more mice in scene. We'll add them in post.

George Clooney would have made a great Bond!

I’ve been scanning my memory for actors who would perfectly fill the role of James Bond, reason being that we’ve had some weak Bonds over the years, namely George Lazenby, who doesn’t project the strength, and Timothy Dalton, who has crazy eyes. Connery is the only one who really hits the right note, in terms of physicality, voice, presence, all the important things. So I was thinking of people who would be good Bonds, and then it hit me: George Clooney would have been great! He might even have been better than Connery! His face is perfectly chiseled, his voice is thick and weighty, he has a ton of charisma. He might be too old now, but when he was younger, he would have been great!

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