The film needs more mice in scene. We'll add them in post.

Victor’s (the Brooklyn Alex DeLarge) monologue from Vinyl (Andy Warhol’s A Clockwork Orange)

Ok, ok. I am a J.D. So what? I like to bust things up and carve people up, and I dig the old up-yours, with plenty of violence, so it’s real tasty. And then, if I get busted by the cops, so what? So what the hell, I say. You cannot have J.D.s like me running loose all over the city. Then it’s me that loses if I get busted. So what the hell do you care? But, baby, while I am still free, it is me that’s having the fun. Ya dig? With breaking up china shops, and carving up cuties, and the old up-yours with pl– lots of real smooth violence to give it some juice. And like I do not give a d– hot damn about what is the reason for all the bad I do. Nobody wants to know what is the reason for all the good that the squares do. The squares do good because they dig it. And so I do bad beca– because I dig doing bad. And I don’t tell anyone to follow me. Or not to follow me. They can damn well do as they please. Like, I think badness is being yourself. It is being me, Victor, the victor, like God in heaven made me for the shrieking happiness. But goodness is following the cops, because the cops cannot permit the just me. This city cannot permit Victor, so ain’t I really good? Because I am against the cops, who are against what God in his heaven made me? Maybe I do not know what I am talking about. But I know I do what I like because I like it.

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