The film needs more mice in scene. We'll add them in post.

An appeal to Robert Minkoff and the makers of the new Mr. Peabody and Sherman film

Mr. Minkoff, I beseech you, please don’t make this movie. Just don’t make it. Just stop. Just walk away. Studios, I beseech you, don’t fund this movie. Just don’t give the money to this man so he can make this movie. Spend the money on something else instead. It’s very easy.

We, the fans, don’t want to see the most beloved cartoons of our childhood destroyed by unsightly digital animation and misguided attempts to update the characters and make them hip. We don’t want Mr. Peabody and Sherman to be gutted of all originality and everything that made them who they were, stuffed with celebrity voices and the latest stock personalities, and thrust into a 3D-rendered world where they don’t belong. We want them the way we remember them: cleverly written, cracking bad puns, voiced by authentic cartoon voice actors, animated in traditional 2D space with pen and ink. Please don’t destroy Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Please, just let them be.

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