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Truffaut talks about sexuality in cinema in the 1970s.

I agree with him completely.

“Curiously enough, today’s evolution is due to sexual liberation. For 70 years, we’ve been lying about love. We’ve explored its psychological aspects, but romance, sex…. The physical aspects shown on-screen were totally false. It had nothing to do with what audiences experienced at home. Sex scenes were theoretical, idealized. They took place in kitchens. The famous example is twin beds separated by Hollywood’s regulation 27 inches so the film could be shown everywhere. Films showed the actions leading up to the sexual act, and then what happened after, using a kind of ellipse. Today we’re freed from all that, the floodgates are open. Now movies can portray physical love. I’m not among the indignant naysayers because even if some overdo it, it makes up for 70 years of lies by omission about the truth of human sexual relations. This leads to a renewal. Thanks to this, we can retell stories that have been glossed over for 70 years.”

(From the Blu-ray of The Last Picture Show)

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